Chicago Meigs Field to Reopen in 2020

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanual Has announced his plans to return Chicago Meig’s Field back to service as a thriving Class D airport in the Fall of 2020.

The airport was famously destroyed by his predecessor Richard Daley in a clandestine operation at midnight on March 30, 2003.

This destruction angered thousands of pilots, left multiple aircraft stranded on the field and left hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Flight Sim players asking “Where am I?” when the game opened to its default takeoff scenario.

Construction on the new 6000 foot runway is expected to begin as early as fall of 2019 with the airport completion slated for September of 2020.

Plans call for an on field restaurant, first class FBO, and bragging rights of the tallest control tower in North America.

In coordination with the re-opening of the field Microsoft will revert its next generation flight sim to default at this location.

Pilots everywhere are reaching out to thank Mayor Emanual on his decision to bring the airfield back to life. It is a bold move but one that is long overdue.