BREAKING NEWS: Trump Considers Covid-19 Vaccinations By Spraying Hydroxychloroquine Over U.S. With Chemtrail Planes

President Trump tours a U.S. military chemtrail spraying jet

WASHINGTON, DC – The president is considering – over health experts’ objections – a plan that would use the military chemtrail program to inoculate every U.S. citizen against the Covid-19 virus with his prescription to heal the country.

Trump, questioning whether stay-at-home orders have gone too far, is considering a plan to load up the chemtrail fleet with hydroxychloroquine and release it over every city in the United States. Going against the advice of literally every doctor and scientist in the country Trump said, “whoever survives my treatment will be able to get back to work proving I was right, again.”

There are so many chemtrail planes in the sky they have to swerve to avoid collision

Donald Trump has continued to pressure the American public into taking the anti-malaria medication saying, ‘what have you got to lose?’ to treat Covid-19 symptoms despite the lack of evidence thus far showing the drug could have an impact. There are even some cases where patients simply died from it.

The president’s response about the drug starkly contrasted with infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has said during many press briefings scientists have yet to find “data to say anything definitively” about the drug’s benefits.