Air Traffic Control to be Handled From Home Starting 4-20-2020

There’s a bit of a lag

DENTON, TX – Under the guidance of the CDC this week , the government is mandating that all air traffic control functions be performed from remote locations starting 4-20-2020.

Said one controller, “This is a good move. Have you ever been up in one of those control towers? It’s a disease infested mess of people working elbow to elbow in intense, sweaty conditions, and almost nobody wearing pants”.

With today’s modern technology, it was determined that all controllers should be able to work from home using mobile applications.

We reached out to a controller named Jack Nolan at Denton Enterprise Airport in North Texas. Jack explained that he is able to perform all of his normal air traffic control functions but did mention there can be a lag anywhere from a couple seconds to a minute depending on his internet connection. “It’s like the plane calls 4 miles out but I am looking and he is exiting alpha four. Whoops!”

This issue was anticipated and the final decision was that we just do our best and let big sky theory do its job.

So far the number of fatalities is marginally lower than the number of people that have died from COVID-19 so “were still in the black on that one” Jack explained.