The Cruel Irony For Aviators Of the $1200 Stimulus Check You Won’t Get And Can’t Use

Airplane runway crash at local airport, twin engine
Aviation has crashed and is burning

LOS ANGELES, CA – The U.S. government response to the Covid-19 pandemic and financial collapse includes giving some citizens a $1200 check to help them through this dark time. For those who own a plane you probably don’t qualify and if you were taking lessons nearly every flight school is shut down now. Air shows are cancelling at record pace too so you can’t even watch planes fly.

About the only thing you can do with $1200 in aviation is buy some gas and fly to another airport for a burger, or at least you could before all the restaurants were ordered closed. The massage parlour at the strip mall across the street from the airport is closed too so no more quick handy’s on the way home for a while.

It’s bad for the low seniority airline pilots in debt up to their eyeballs too. At least they will qualify to get the stimulus check as their furlough papers are arriving. Too bad there are no flight instructor jobs to fall back on.

The days of aviation LARPing have come to a screeching halt. All we might have left in the foreseeable future is the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Pornhub, day drinking, and Astroglide.

This is depressing…I need a drink.