Grand Theft Auto Flight Simulator Edition Soon To Be Released

LOS ANGELES, CA – Money grubbing flight instructors, planes held hostage by A&P mechanics, absurd FBO ramp fees and fuel prices fit for a king – that’s all part of the real world of aviation.

Imagine telling your old lady how much flying really costs or pushing your instructor out of the plane on downwind when he says, “one more touch and go”. If blasting the fuel truck with 20 rounds of shotgun slugs from a semi-auto 12 gauge AR-15 when the driver tells you that avgas is $6.50 per gallon sounds exciting – and it is – then this game will keep you entertained for hours at a time! All these scenarios and more will be in the new release of Grand Theft Auto Flight Simulator.

Ever wish you could roll up on your A&P with an Escalade full of hoes and blow instead of paying by Visa card for your annual? What if instead of $100 hamburgers the cafe had $40 over the pants handys and $75 under the table blowies? Scenarios that include topless FBO chicks greeting you with a sexy smile and never asking for a dime will surely make this the hottest new flight sim on the market.

Now you can enjoy the gangsta aviator lifestyle in this latest release from the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, due out in the July-August time frame according to the developer.