PETA Starts Pilots N Paws Offshoot, “Pilots N Claws”, Offering Safe, Non-Judgmental Transport for Rabid and Wild Animals

Enraged that pilots in the U.S. have only been rescuing “cute” animals through the well-known charity, Pilots N Paws, PETA has started a new charity, Pilots N Claws, offering safe, non-judgmental transport for less lovable animals.

“Look, we get it,” said Pilots N Claws founder, Shawn Dooshet, “You can’t name a rabid hyena ‘Fluffy.’ But that hyena, despite its sharp, blood-soaked teeth, has feelings too and deserves to be brought to safety.”

According to Dooshet, the animals Pilots N Claws transports were saved from being euthanized due to attacks on humans, most of which have been fatal.

“Those people probably deserved what they got,” Dooshet said.

If interested in flying for Pilots N Claws, Pilots should contact PETA and be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination.