Lucky Air Flight Delayed AGAIN After Passenger Throws “Good Luck” First Born Into Engine

Lucky air flight delayed after lucky coins not thrown, but instead lucky first born into airline's airplane engine. Coins should not be thrown into engines for good luck. Children shouldn't be either.

BEIJING, CHINA – Not again! Yet another Lucky Air flight has been delayed after a passenger threw a “good luck” first born into the airplane’s engine on Thursday. Luckily, luck would have it that the Lucky Air engine was not running at the time and the child was not physically harmed. Psychologically, however, the kid is probably pretty f*cked.

This is at least the sixth incident of its kind in the last two years. The trend was started back in 2017 when a wily 80-year old woman threw all the coins from her purse into an airline engine for good luck. The incident caused over 1 million yuan in damages and inspired another elderly woman to fling some of her own coins into a Lucky Air engine a few months later. Just earlier this week, two women hoping to get in on all the great fortune caused the delay of another Lucky Air flight when they threw coins off an air bridge.

The trend of using first borns is new, according to officials. In China, first born children are considered very lucky because, up until 2013, they were the only child allowed to survive.

While they do not dispute that these actions are resulting in good luck – one family won an 8 million yuan lottery a few days later, airline officials are begging people to please stop throwing first borns into their engines. Besides, as one official correctly pointed out, second borns are far less likely to cause damage.