Weird. $100 Burger Tastes Just Like $7 Burger Had There Last Week

NORMAN, OK – Fresh off his checkride, Ron McDonalds, was excited to embark upon his very first $100 hamburger run as a private pilot.

“I’ve heard so much about how great these $100 hamburger runs are,” McDonalds said, giving his belly a little rub and pat. “It’s pretty much why I became a pilot.”

According to McDonalds, he decided to hit up his favorite airport diner, Ozzie’s, which he eats at fairly frequently.

“Ozzie’s is right on the field where I learned how to fly. Their burgers are so damn good. Usually runs me about 7 bucks plus tip. I couldn’t wait to find out how much better everything was going to taste at the $100 rate.”

Hearing that you can only get the $100 burger if you fly to the diner from elsewhere, McDonalds drove to an airport over an hour away from home just to rent a plane to fly into Max Westheimer Airport (KOUN).

Sadly, when he finally chomped down into that first, big greasy bite of $$$, he was met with disappointment.

“Total letdown, man. I mean it wasn’t bad or anything, but it tasted just like it always does. And they didn’t even charge me $100 for it. I’m so confused. What did I do wrong?”

McDonalds said he’s been spending a lot of time mentally retracing the day to figure out if he missed a step somewhere. “Maybe I just need to start from an airport further away… I don’t know.”

According to our math, the $100 hamburger run, including the rental plane and round trip drive to and from the airport, cost McDonalds around $300.

“And I didn’t even get a pickle.”