Men Detained For Allegedly Flying Pantless In A Cessna 152

Camarillo, CA – Airport police detained and questioned two men yesterday for allegedly flying without their pants. Witnesses near the east end tie-down parking area reported an older man and very young looking boy getting into a Cessna 152 without proper attire.

According to airport police, the young looking boy turned out to be 19 years old and a student of the older man. Aviation Daily News has learned that there are no rules on this airport, nor any airport for that matter, covering a lack of attire while aviating.

Aviation Daily News did find the older man, whom we cannot identify since he has not been charged with any crime, and asked him why the pair where flying with no pants. The man stated, “Just to be clear, only my student was not wearing pants, it’s a weight and balance thing. Have you ever flown a 152? They are tight and hard to enter with pants due to clothing friction. It’s much easier to slide into when your naked sweaty thighs can glide across the vinyl seats.”