AMAZING! Drone Hovering in Departure Path of Airport Captures Last Seconds of Doomed Flight 317

PHOENIX – Live footage streamed from a drone hovering in the departure path of Sky Harbor International Airport captured the last fleeting seconds of doomed Flight 317, which crashed Thursday after striking an unknown object.

The NTSB says they still haven’t determined what exactly the aircraft struck causing it to go down into a massive heap of flames killing everyone on board, but they suspect it was something larger and much harder than a bird.

According to the FAA Certified Drone Pilot, Jeremy Nichols, who captured the amazing footage, he was flying his drone around the departure end of the runway where he knew he’d be able to get “killer images” of planes taking off.

“I know it’s not technically allowed,” Jeremy said, “But these videos go viral every time. It’s good money. Just wish I knew where my drone went.”

The NTSB hopes that closer examination of the footage will give them a better indication as to what exactly the aircraft struck. They are anticipating a long investigation into the crash.

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