Nantucket Municipal Airport, KACK, Changes Code Due to Kevin Spacey Controversy

Kevin Spacey plead not guilty to a sexual assault charge at the Nantucket District Court in Massachusetts on Monday. Spacey, who is accused of putting his hands down a young man’s pants on the island in 2016, arrived via Nantucket Municipal Airport, KACK. The jokes have not stopped since, says airport manager Richard Johnson.

“Honestly, we never really thought much about how KACK sounded until now,” said Johnson. “Unfortunately, I can’t even have a decent conversation with my buddy Steve anymore.”

“Oh no, Spacey is all over my KACK again!” laughs local pilot, Steve Monroe, 62, who said he has a lot of other “good KACK jokes” if I wanted to hear them.

Johnson, concerned that visitors to the island will be too distracted by KACK to enjoy themselves now, has put in a bid for a less offensive airport code – KANT, which he’s hoping will get approved by summer 2019.