How to Solve the Pilot Shortage: Less Training

Let’s stop overtraining pilots and put them to work sooner.

It’s time to create a separate and new training track for career pilots that has no solo flight experience requirement. Hello FAA, Are you listening?

Let’s make it easier when your chosen career path entails prancing through airports in a white shirt with shiny metallic bars on the shoulders, looking cool, traveling the world, and screwing a different flight attendant every night – no matter what you’re into: MF, MM, FF, MFM, FMF, BBW, etc.

You should be able to land your first airline job without ever soloing an airplane. Leave that for the low time GA pilots that took 60-80 hours to get a PPL and think tricycle gear planes should be three-point landed.

The major milestone in your training is your first solo. This is when you fly the plane without your instructor. Most students reach this point after 15-20 hours of flight instruction. If you are allowed to be PIC at that point then you should be allowed to sit in the right seat of a commercial jet and do what the captain says for a few thousand hours until you are ready for the left seat.

You will NEVER fly an airliner solo so let’s get real about the time and cost of becoming an airline pilot.