Someone Took a Dump on the Runway

CORPUS CHRISTI – An airport remained closed Wednesday as airport crews were unsure how to proceed. Sometime during the night someone decided to leave a large “gift” on the center-line runway 36 at KCRP.

“It’s poop,” said one of the pilots staring out to the runway in disgust. “I’m just not going to fly today. I really don’t want to get that on my plane.”

According to the airport’s flight school, at least three students cancelled their check rides fearing the examiner would ding them for not maintaining center line if their planes slid on the poo.

At some point, a fight apparently broke out between ground crew members when one suggested building a wall around the poop and one of the other crew members got angry and responded, “Dammit, Jerry, why do you always have to make shit political?”

Because the ground crew is now locked in a vicious battle of “I’m not touching it,” the airport has been NOTAMed closed until further notice.

They are discussing one potential resolution, which will involve picking up the offending FOD with a drone, flying it away from the airfield and just shooting it out of the sky over a body of water.

Stay tuned for updates.

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