AOPA Pilot Renamed “AARP Pilot” to Better Reflect General Aviation Community

Frederick, MD – In an attempt to more accurately represent the general aviation community, AOPA Pilot has announced its controversial decision to rename itself AARP Pilot.

Elmer Rooney, 76, the magazine’s new Editor-In-Chief, states that most GA pilots are now well beyond their retirement years.

“I realize this may be upsetting to the youngins,” Rooney told Aviation Daily on Friday. “But, at the end of the day, we need less articles on how to mount tablets in the cockpit and more on bladder control during takeoff.”

Hot topics that will be covered in upcoming issues include things like – how to keep arthritis from flaring at altitude, best aviators for cataracts, and understanding aircraft vectoring with dementia.

The first addition of AARP Pilot, available only in large print, can be purchased at your local senior center February 1st.