BREAKING NEWS: Grounded Boeing 737 Max 8s Being Flown To Tulsa, Oklahoma With College Students At Controls

Just days after after the FAA orders Boeing 737 Max 8 & 9 jets grounded they are once again in the air flying over the country with 190 hour commercial rated pilots/college students in the cockpit!

Nine American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes are flying back to Tulsa International Airport, where they will be parked, as President Donald Trump orders the planes to be grounded. The order comes after the deadly crashes of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 on Sunday and an Indonesian flight in October.

Multiple reports have come in about jets being flown to Tulsa:

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Aviation Daily News sent a reporter to Tulsa in the hopes of interviewing some of the flight crews to find out how they got the job. One of the pilots is Charles “Chas” Fitzstein, a 22 year college student who just got his commercial rating, from Daytona Beach, FL.
According to Fitzstein, “The airlines are advertising on the job board and in the school newspaper for commercial rated pilots looking for jet time.”

“Getting to fly a grounded jet is the opportunity of a lifetime. I had way more sim experience on my iPhone than most of my classmates so I easily qualified and was hired right away. It’s too bad most kids in college waste their time surfing porn online when they could be building real job skills that get you hired by the airlines.”, Fitzstein said.