NASA Selling Space Shuttle & 747 To Embry-Riddle For Flight Training

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – NASA is making plans to move one of the space shuttles and 747 transport jets back to Florida. Daytona Beach International Airport will soon be home to a co-branded flight training program like no other.

Starting in 2020, students enrolled at the prestigious aeronautical university will be able to use student loans, grants, and other educational funds to get a glider rating in one of the original space shuttles and type rated in the Boeing 747 transport jet.

According to the admissions office at the university, the cost for these add-on ratings has not been finalized; however, Aviation Daily News was told that it could increase the total price of education from around $200,000 to upwards of $750,000. Three quarters of a million dollars is a bargain to get a Bachelor’s degree, single engine commercial rating, instrument rating, flight instructor certification, space shuttle glider rating and B-747 type rating with only 250 hours under your belt. The employment possibilities are endless.

Slots for this program are first come, first served so don’t delay. For more information call the Embry-Riddle office of admissions TODAY at
1-800-862-2416 or visit their website:

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