Arrogant Pilot Doesn’t Know We’ve All Read That One Page in the FAR / AIM Too.

This week, superior pilot, Glen, went out of his way in his local social media group to point out that it really chaps his hide when he hears certain phrases over the radio.

Glen, realizing he is God’s gift to piloting, says he is unable to maintain control of an aircraft when he hears phrases like, “With you” or, “Anyone in the pattern please advise” over frequency.

Hey Glen, we’ve all read that one page in the AIM as well! We get it. You know what to say and what not to say. You are so amazing. Average pilots across the country hereby apologize for creating such a disaster in your cockpit every time they say something differently than the way you feel it should be said.

We, too, are superior pilots at Aviation Daily and are quite aware of proper terminology; however, after seven scotches we agreed that going out of your way to make everyone aware “I KNOW THE RULES!” means you probably only know one or two of them, and you probably only know them because some arrogant prick before you said it first.

We wish you happy flying, Glen. Hope to be “with you” on the fish finder soon.