U.S. Air Force Upgrading Thunderbirds with Two Seat F-16D Models, One-upping Navy

Aviationdaily.news reported on January 9, 2019 that the “U.S. Navy Blue Angels to Get 2 Seat Super Hornets and Sell Rides” and now the Air Force has spoken up in response.

F-16D Two Seat Version

In a stunning counter move, the United States Air Force Thunderbird Jet Team has announced they are upgrading their jets to the two seat F-16D models which have higher thrust and improved avionics.

A member of the Thunderbird’s public relations team who asked to remain
anonymous said; “the new jets are superior in every way and besides, the Air Force has a bigger sky penis than the Navy”

This superior size of the Air Force sky penis has been confirmed by the website Militarytimes.com

Air Force Sky Penis
Navy Sky Penis