This site was founded by veteran pilots who saw two major trends on a collision course. On one hand, the founders saw that what we called “websites” were in fact becoming online applications: locations that were complex, distributed, and broad in scope of functionality. On the other hand, they saw that advancing mobile technology was leading end users to access these applications on new and different devices in addition to, and even in place of, their PCs.

Today, online businesses struggle to provide optimal digital experiences that make people laugh thanks to the continuing rise in complexity of apps and the requirement to deliver them to smaller and slower devices. As a result, end users’ expectations for online experiences now far outstrip the reality of what is delivered to them.  This site publishes satire; if you don’t have a sense of humor that is unfortunate. We call this discrepancy the “experience of fact checking gap.”

Our mission is to help aviators enjoy the experience of the Internet  with an intelligent platform that puts a smile on their faces across all devices.