BREAKING NEWS: Reports Emerging LAX Infected By General Aviation Airplanes

Cessna on taxiway at LAX

LOS ANGELES, CA – Unconfirmed reports of general aviation (GA) airplanes – “Cessnas” as they are known to the unwashed masses – infecting Los Angeles International Airport are beginning to surface online.

Several GA pilots, and some Ciruus drivers too, have reported successful attempts at pattern work, touch-and-go operations and even full stops with taxi back are occuring at LAX. None of the GA pilots contacted would agree to be interviewed believing they got away with something and will be sent a rather steep bill by the city of Los Angeles in accordance with the June 2019 fee schedule.

Aviation daily news is asking general aviation pilots to report any cases of receiving a landing clearance at LAX and please send pictures and video.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information becomes available.