LOOK UP! Chemtrail Supporters Rejoice In Clearer Skies As Planes Are Grounded During Covid-19 Pandemic

Before the pandemic grounded planes, chemtrail sprayers often swerved to avoid collision

LOS ANGELES, CA – Chemtrail supporters celebrate the coronavirus pandemic as airlines ground planes due to lack of demand for global travel.

Forums and Facebook groups run by chemtrail supporters around the world have lit up with happy messages celebrating clear skies as proof that reduced jet traffic means the spraying has nearly stopped.

Typical propaganda spread by chemtrail theory supporters

The below picture is often used as proof pilots can turn on and off the chemtrail nozzles. “If contrails as the FAA tries to explain, were not the cover story for chemtrails, then how is it these planes flying together are not all making them?”, said one believer in the governments’ chemtrail program.

Some believe pilots can turn chemtrail sprayers on/off at will