Flight Schools That Remain Open Exhibit All Five Hazardous Attitudes

Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash
Angry CFI takes a smoke break from washing planes while hoping students will show up.
Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

LOS ANGELES, CA – As the Covid-19 global pandemic ravages the planet with horror, sadness, misery, and a lack of open restaurants pilots can fly to for overpriced hamburgers, Aviation Daily News can only say WTF so loudly as some flight schools have checked all the boxes of unsafe operations.

According to WRAL in North Carolina: “Local flight school CEO threatens employees in internal email

“Despite statewide and county stay-at-home orders in effect, Blue Line Aviation, which operates a flight school right beside the air traffic control tower at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, continues to operate during the coronavirus outbreak. ” The full story can be found at this URL: https://www.wral.com/coronavirus/local-flight-school-ceo-threatens-employees-in-internal-email/19035671/

The FAA identifies five hazardous attitudes detrimental to safe flying and not behaving like a douchebag

According to the FAA’s handbook on Aeronautical Decision Making (p. 2-5): “Hazardous attitudes contribute to poor pilot judgment but can be effectively counteracted by redirecting the hazardous attitude so that correct action can be taken. Recognition of hazardous thoughts is the first step toward neutralizing them. After recognizing a thought as hazardous, the pilot should label it as hazardous, then state the corresponding antidote. Antidotes should be memorized for each of the hazardous attitudes so they automatically come to mind when needed. “

Only perfectly unsafe pilots will be produced by a flight school that exhibits 100% adherence to the five hazardous attitudes.