Airlines Hiring Lavatory Attendants To Ensure Passengers Wash Hands

The Workplace of Newly Hired Airline Bathroom Attendants

DENVER, CO – While Pilots and flight attendants are being furloughed due to Coronavirus related cutbacks in service, one job is seeing growth in demand: bathroom attendants.

Once only found in five star hotels, fancy steakhouses and nightclubs, the job of bathroom attendant is once again on the rise.

The Coronavirus pandemic has placed new emphasis on basic personal hygiene such as washing hands which has become a real problem aboard jetliners. According to one pilot with a major airline, who spoke on the condition of anonymity; “Crew members are still observing some passengers not washing hands after using bathrooms and it’s absolutely atrocious and despicable.”

When asked how this is observed the pilot replied, “We have deduced through circumstantial evidence…the sinks are dry, soap and paper towels are not being consumed, and the door opens right after the toilet is flushed. It seems pretty obvious that passengers go into the lavatory and only touch themselves without any cleanup.” Flight attendants are reporting this behavior during the crew briefing which is eventually reported to corporate headquarters.

According to representatives of several major airlines we contacted, the bathroom attendant will remain in the lavatory for the entire flight and offer sheets of toilet paper when needed, then will turn on the water for passengers after they finish, squirt soap onto their hands, and give them a paper towel. Finally they will open the door so passengers don’t have to touch the doorknob. Value added fee based upgrades will include spraying cologne or perfume on the passengers and offering mouthwash and breath mints.

The New Airline Bathroom Attendant Roles have Height Limitations for Men and Women

If you are interested in applying to be an airline bathroom attendant please visit the career webpage of your favorite airlines. Internal candidates including pilots and first officers being furloughed will be offered these new roles on a first come/first served basis so they can avoid the unemployment line.