They Played Barefoot Footsie In First Class – Everyone Else Relieved They Weren’t F**cking

Barefoot footsie in action

A recent American Airlines flight to Cancun, Mexico offered first class passengers live entertainment as a couple appears to have been caught playing barefoot footsie.

An American Airlines representative provided Aviation Daily News with an excerpt from the company’s “Contract of Carriage,” which states that passengers comply with airline regulations for safety. In the “passenger responsibilities” section, American Airlines specifies that flying with bare feet is against the company’s rules.

“Dress appropriately,” the airline’s Contract of Carriage states. “Bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.”

“This is certainly not the first time passengers have removed articles of clothing during a flight. We’re willing to look the other way for this minor infraction since it didn’t require the flight attendants to get out the black light and disinfectant to clean up the usual gooey residue after these encounters” stated the American Airlines representative.