What Makes An Airplane Stall And Spin – The Pilot!

Pilot’s are shocked to learn it’s THEIR fault airplanes stall and spin!
In the last 116 years of manned flight, no new way to stall and spin has been invented; we can close down the patent office now.

Ask around at any flight school why airplanes still crash from stalls and spins and the answers will vary with the most popular reasons being “loss of lift, exceeding the critical angle of attack, flying to slow with the ball off-center, the instructor on board must have had a heart attack”.

Aviation daily news did a study with a whole bunch of pilots who survived stalls and spins and we learned nothing new. Not one pilot said they were just flying along straight and level minding their own business when the plane suddenly decided to stall and spin. Accident reports do show that pilots simultaneously running out of airspeed, altitude, ideas, and talent cause stall/spin crashes 100% of the time.