REAL BREAKING NEWS: Rotax Powered Sling TSi Flew Non-Stop CA to FL For Sun ‘n Fun

Sling Tsi From

Lakeland, FL – Sling TSi N135WT landed in Florida yesterday after a 10 hour trip that is definitely for bladder endowed pilots only.

Departing from Torrance, CA at around 4 am PDT the 4-place Sling Tsi with its turbocharged Rotax engine and lots of extra gas landed safely in Florida approximately 10 hours later. The Sling TSi’s standard tanks tote up to 45 gallons, while long range wing tip tanks add an additional 22 Gallons, total. They’ve added internal portable tanks of 20 gallons in order to total 87 gallons at takeoff. Obviously this plane sips fuel like it’s fine Scotch.

The flight can be seen here:

Information about the Sling Tsi kit plane can be found on the dealer’s website: