Eric Armsweak Joins Writing Staff At Aviation Daily News


March 29, 2019

Aviation Daily News (ADN) is pleased to welcome our new Airline Transportation Correspondent, Eric Armsweak, to the publication.
Armsweak is a highly respected transgender writer and former aviatrix. Her, at the time, 2015 investigative report “Feminine Safety Factors in the Cockpit: Deviant Behavior and Pilot Perversion” earned Armsweak the Putzpuller Prize for Correspondence.

Armsweak always hated being identified as a “female pilot” and is much happier to just be a “pilot” now.

Armsweak’s first aviation job during college was working the front desk at a private casino and mens club. She was cross-trained in the massage therapy department, accounting, private room scheduling, STD avoidance, closed circuit TV surveillance, toys, lubes and during her employment, she worked with the corporate flight department servicing the air crews.

At 16, Armsweak soloed her first airplane. She earned her private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine rating. Her first paid pilot position was copilot in a Cessna Citation CJ4 single pilot jet. Armsweak travelled all over the globe with the plane’s owner and sometimes he even let her hold the yoke.

She then became a rescue pet pilot, charter, and corporate pilot flying the Pilatus series. She was simulator trained in the Hawker and Gulfstream but never had any actual flight time. She was then hired by a company flying from the McCarran International Airport that was later acquired by Eastern Airlines. During this time, the now defunct Eastern Airlines hired her to fly in the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Armsweak was hired as a Flight Engineer and within a year was promoted to First Officer and at the age of 29, was made Captain and earned her type-rating in the DC-10.

He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Aeronautical Studies at a well known Internet diploma mill. As a writer his latest articles can be found in numerous flying magazines, websites, and a self published book on

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