NASA Assigns Male Supervisor to Historic All-Female Spacewalk

NASA assigned male astronaut to historic all female spacewalk, making it no longer an all female astronaut spacewalk and not historic. Boo, NASA!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NASA has assigned astronaut Nick Hague to supervise the historic all-female spacewalk March 29th. In their official press release, NASA claims the reason for Hague joining the team is because they ran out of flight suits for all the women, but admitted Tuesday that isn’t the real reason.

“We find it absolutely adorable these ladies want to do the walk all by themselves,” NASA said, “But, I mean, come on. *laughs* For one, there aren’t any kitchens up there. And, for two, it’s really hard to be barefoot and pregnant in those suits.”

The historic almost-all-female spacewalk will involve walking outside the international space station (ISS) to install new batteries.

“There just needs to be a man up there to make sure it’s done right,” NASA said. “Oooh, that reminds us – How many female astronauts does it take to change a light bulb? …or in this case some batteries?”

“NONE! hahahaha!!!

According to NASA, Hague will do the actual spacewalking part while the women stay in the ship tidying up any messes from the flight to the station.