Boeing Disrupts Traditional Flight Training With New Video Series – 60 Minutes To Any Rating

Seattle, WA – Boeing announced today that anyone with a smartphone or tablet computer can advance their flying career with a few screen taps. An entire series of training videos will be released online this week. This announcement comes on the heels of the success of the 737 Max 8 type rating training which eliminated the use of traditional and expensive training aids including instructors, simulators, and actual airplanes.

Simply logging into the app store and watching a video automatically adds that type rating or endorsement to any pilot’s license.

Some of the video titles include:

  • “Transition to the 747 and ensure your future as an airline pilot”
  • “Spin and unusual attitude recovery in multi-engine passenger jets”
  • “Harass is one word: Avoiding sexual misconduct complaints”
  • “How to wear the uniform on cargo jets”
  • “Review of the eight hour bottle to throttle rule”
  • “How to humble-brag on social media about your resume”
  • “Proper techniques for using Duck Tape to secure unruly passengers”

Your airline pilot career is about to take-off. Check the app store for downloads.