Amid College Entrance Cheating Scandal Aviation Universities Cut Out The Middle Man

Los Angeles, CA – The shocking story that broke yesterday about wealthy parents paying bribes to get their spoiled children into traditional elite colleges they don’t deserve to attend is just the tip of the iceberg. Investigators expect further indictments in the near future as additional corruption is revealed.

One type of school emerging unscathed in the latest scandal are aviation colleges.

According to Bill Stinger, President of the Society of Collegiate Aviation Management (SCAM), “Universities around the United States that specialize in aviation degrees and flight training are immune to this sort of scandal. Aviation colleges have a long tradition of letting anyone matriculate no matter how low their SAT scores or how little athletic ability they possess. As long as the tuition check clears or they qualify for high interest student loans they can attend these types of schools.”

“Because the bar is so low for admission we have made it impossible for third party scammers and criminals to involve themselves in the process.”, Stinger said.