Airlines Ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 Planes After Second Crash; Idiots On Social Media Buzzing With Conjecture

The editorial staff of Aviation Daily News is saddened by recent tragedies involving Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air 737 Max 8 aircraft. Our hearts go out to the families that have suffered a great loss.

Although numerous airlines across the globe are voluntarily grounding their planes, we urge our rapidly growing and vast readership to keep their opinions to themselves. Let the authorities do their investigations and report out the findings. You have no clue what actually happened so stop pretending you do online, keep your mouths shut and fingers off the keyboard.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will lead the online attack against anyone who deserves our unique brand of attention when and if required.

Be vigilant and fly safe fellow aviators and wannabes. If you have a commercial flight booked in the near future we suggest you pay extra attention to the aircraft type, for now.