BREAKING NEWS – Boeing Will Shift Foreflight To Android; Mad At Apple For Buying An Airbus Corporate Jet

Seattle, WA – Boeing has made a second stunning announcement this week: recently acquired Foreflight software will no longer run on Apple devices because the company flies their CEO around in an Airbus business jet.

Apple announced in 2017 that their CEO, Tim Cook, is required to fly in a private jet for matters of security. It was later discovered that the jet of choice is an Airbus ACJ319.

According to an unnamed source who wished to remain anonymous in the press office at Boeing, “We are really pissed off at Apple for their decision to not fly a Boeing jet. On the other hand, Google – maker of Android – owns several Boeing jets so we decided to teach everyone a lesson…DON’T MESS WITH BOEING! F**k you Apple and go suck a bag of d*cks Airbus!”

Foreflight users will have until the end of the year to purchase Android phones and tablets and download the new version of the software.

This is a developing story and will be updated as additional information becomes available.