Aviation Daily News to Shut Down

In a nearly unanimous vote over the weekend, it was determined that no level of humor is acceptable within the community of aviation.

It seems the Sterile Cockpit rule has been applied to aviation as a whole with regard to anything that might be misconstrued as legitimate news by people that may have managed to formulate an opinion on an article having only read the title.

Pilots these days cannot be expected to click and read an entire article, or put in any effort to draw a conclusion by ingesting information, processing it, and determining that a piece of art (as we call it at ADN) was intended to be in jest.

For these reasons, we at Aviation Daily News will sadly be closing up shop and calling it quits. Nobody wants to laugh at themselves, and we certainly don’t want people to laugh if it might trick them into not laughing because they don’t get the joke, or even sometimes because they are the joke.

At any rate, we will be calling it a day. Our rent in this building is paid through the end of the year, so we will keep writing until then. We might renew though. These digs are swanky.

If we renew for 2020, we will probably write some more stories then as well – I am sitting on a fantastic ADS-B joke that is going to kill it in 2020. If they extend the ADS-B mandate, we will of course keep writing stories until a new quit date is set. It’s a really killer joke.

But, given the state of aviation comedy, I think we will certainly call this thing done no later than 2027. Probably in the Spring.

Actually, now that we think about it, if Cirrus comes out with another jet between now and then, we will definitely want to make fun of that, so we might end up pushing the date even further out.

But we’re definitely calling it quits. You have spoken and we are listening. Totally definitely for real.