Quiz: 5 Questions To See If You’re Ready To Be A Pilot

Do you dream of flying an airplane as pilot in command (PIC)? Take this quiz…

1 – If you pass the checkride what will you get?

A) A pilot’s license, B) A pilot’s certificate, C) I love arguing about this on Facebook

2 – If you bounce three or more times on the runway while trying to land you are:

A) Current, B) About to have a prop strike, C) Going to post on Facebook and ask for advice how to avoid this in the future

3 – When the stall warning horn sounds you should __________?

A) Turn the key to restart the engine, B) Push the yoke forward if flying inverted, C) Start praying to your God unless you are an atheist then just yell “OH SHIT”!

4 – In regards to how many stripes you wear on your shoulders-pick the correct answer:

A) Student pilot wears 1, private pilot wears 2, commercial pilot wears 3, airline pilot wears 4, B) Student pilot wears no stripes, just the shirt with epaulettes, Private pilot wears 3 stripes, commercial pilots and airline pilots wear 4 stripes, C) Only airline pilots wear stripes otherwise you look like an idiot

5 – What makes an airplane spin?

A) One wing is more stalled than the other resulting in autorotation, B) exceeding critical angle of attack with yaw, C) The pilot

Please post your answers in the Facebook group “The Aviators Lounge” with the heading “5 Answers To See If You’re Ready To Be A Pilot”.