Letters to the Editor – February 18, 2019

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We at Aviation Daily sometimes slightly fabricate things to make them seem more fun and less lame. We call it satire, some call it fake news – we made a video to help viewers understand the difference. However, the letters below are all very real responses from our readers. Enjoy!


Just read your article about Embry Riddle taking ownership of both a space shuttle and 747 from NASA. Sounds pretty cool, but what I am wondering is: what were your sources for this article? Hopefully you can provide us with this info.
Sam, hopeful future pilot, Connecticut

Editor Response: To learn more about the exciting new Space Shuttle Glider and B-747 Type ratings being offered at Embry-Riddle, contact the school directly at 1-800-862-2416.

This is just stupid. Chemtrails are real and this article (Chemtrail Pilots Announce Strike, Conspiracy Theorists Can Finally Breathe Easy… Literally) making fun of it is idiotic. It’s making all of you and your familys (sic) ill as well. I have a friend in the military who oversees this. Do some real research and real reporting. Does the Cabal pay to to write this crap?
Carolee, artist/muralist, California

Editor Response: We, too, like drugs, Carolee, but the FAA doesn’t let us do them anymore. Neither does the Cabal.

I have no idea why they chose to use my picture in this article, but that is definitely not me!
-Mike Kennedy, Pilot and star of Airplane Repo, Florida

Editor Response: Hi there. Unless you are one of our favorite porn stars, the chances of us recognizing you from TV are slim to none. Our google image search for “generic male pilot” led us to that photo on a flight school website. We appreciated that you were such a great sport, however, so we changed the photo to the most generic looking male pilot we could find. Really hoping this handsome fellow doesn’t have a show too…

In 2018, an Embry-Riddle NASA airplane was involved in a crash after an AOPA EAA drone (UAS, Unmanned Aerial System) collided mid flight. The FAA ground school that offered flight training to the student pilot flying the plane in a Cessna. He would have earned his pilot license in 2019. He was wearing David Clark aviation headsets, according to the NTSB. The pilot will speak at the 2019 EAA Oshkosh Airventure event during the aeronautic expo about the hazards of operating drones near airports. The ATC communication heard from the tower during the attempted landing can be found online.


Man, I know this is satire, but I hope some aspiring pilots or rookie pilots don’t take this article (Five Tips to Sounding WAY Cooler When Talking to ATC) seriously, especially the part about never ever declaring an emergency. That kind of thinking is how you get yourself killed. We’d rather you declare an emergency and it not escalate further than try to be Captain Cool and end up killing yourself. This is kind of dangerous article, in my opinion.
coszmo2312, Reddit user/Air Traffic Controller

Editor Response: If you believe everything you read on the internet, then you will absolutely love some of our other articles, such as:

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