Pilot Tests “How do you know if there’s a pilot in the room” Joke to New Crowd

Private pilot, Bill Dickie, was invited to a get-together with other pilots at the Falmouth Airpark on Friday and can’t wait to try out a joke he just miraculously heard for the first time the other day.

“Are you ready?” he asked us. “Ok, how do you know if there’s a pilot in the room?”

We sighed. “Because he’ll tell you.”

“Oh, you’ve heard it before. Well, it’s funny because it’s true! hahahaha!” Dickie said, beside himself with amusement.

We warned him of the possibility that others at the party, namely EVERYONE at the party, will have likely heard that tired old joke a million times already, but it’s like he didn’t even hear us. It was weird.

“Definitely going to get a good laugh out of everyone!” he said, somehow still chuckling.