Pilot “Up There Wishing He Was Down Here” Says it Wasn’t That Bad

Brad, a 300 hour pilot, found himself en route to Bryce Canyon airport in Utah and noticed that the air started to get a little rough as he flew over Boulder Mountain.

“It was late in the afternoon and it started to get a little bumpy. I mean, it wasn’t really bad, but if I weren’t a pilot I might be kinda concerned” Brad stated.

“I remember thinking that I only had about a half hour left on this flight and that America’s Got Talent would be on soon, so I had a bit of what I call ‘GetDownThereItis’.”

We’ve all been there, so we asked Brad the million dollar question: “Do you think it’s true what they say, that it’s ‘better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here’?”

“Oh, hell no! Dude, did you hear me? I was flying! An airplane! You know, in the sky, like a bird! I mean, I hope that little Asian magician kid wins it again this year, but it’s not like he can f**king fly! Well… maybe he can actually, I really don’t know.”

We tried to dig a little deeper and that’s when Brad gave us this gem:

“If you are up there wishing you were down here, you will be soon enough.”

“I can totally see being down here wishing you were up there,” he said, “but when I am up there pretty much the only thing I might be wishing for is a TV like I would have down here. If I could watch that little Micheal Jackson looking dude create doves out of thin air while I’m flying, then I’d be all set without a care in the world.”

Our takeaway here is that perhaps we interviewed the wrong pilot. We will make an effort to ask this same line of questions to another pilot and compare answers in a future article.

Until next time.