Harrison Ford Blames Accidental USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Landing on Alexa Malfunction

SAN DIEGO – He’s at it again! Harrison Ford has landed in yet another place he probably shouldn’t have – on top of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier in downtown San Diego, now a museum that, prior to Ford’s epic devastation, housed an extensive collection of aircraft.

According to museum workers, they heard a loud buzzing and when they looked up they saw Ford’s Aviat A-1B Husky. “He was just blazing in like the damn place was his own personal taxiway!” said one employee. “But we do at least two Ford Landing Drills a year, so we were mostly ready for him.”

Ford, seeming a bit flustered in his ground call to air traffic control – whose number he says he keeps on speed dial, blamed the incident on an Alexa malfunction in the cockpit.

ATC: Harrison, mah man! How goes it?
Ford: Well, could be better. How’s Mary and the kids?
ATC: Good, good. Jimmy got in a fight the other day with that 4th grader I was telling you about last week.
Ford: Micah? That kid’s a punk. I hope Jimmy got him good. deserves a solid knock across the jaw.
ATC: Yep.
Ford: Yep.
ATC: So, you know I gotta ask…
Ford: I know, I know. Alexa. I installed one in the plane the other day thinking it might help automate things more, avoid more incidents. But, well…
ATC: Oh, dude…
Ford: Yeah, well, anyway, I was talking to my dog, Alex, who I adopted after we made the recent super bowl commercial together, about how fun it would be to land on an aircraft carrier. Alexa misunderstood and just took over the controls. There was nothing I could do.
ATC: You know the media is going to have a field day with this one.
Ford: *sigh* In hindsight, I probably should have picked a different name for the dog.
ATC: Yep.
Ford: Yep.

As a result of the incident, the FAA decided to issue an official statement regarding the installation of Alexa in aircraft: