SUPER BOWL ’19 – Excitement Builds For Those Viewing USAF Flyover From Inside Closed Dome!

Hotlanta, GA – It’s football time in the U.S.A and we can’t think of anything to compliment beer, pizza and ball better than a totally badass flyover of the event by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds!

This year’s Super Bowl takes place inside the Mercedez-Benz Stadium, a closed dome perfect for observing the big moment. While part of the roof can be retracted for optimal flyover viewing, Erik Tinkelstein, NFL senior director of event operations, says – why bother!

“We would love to have it open,” Tinkelstein said (actual quote), before listing all of the reasons they probably aren’t going to do that (true story).

His decision hasn’t dampened the excitement of fans, though, who all eagerly anticipate watching the half million dollar demonstration from inside the closed-roof dome.

“This is going to be awesome!” said Mark Fartonelli, 63. “I’m a huge aviation buff and former USAF, so I really can’t wait to witness this moment through the ceiling.”

Sally McMallen, 45, said that this is actually one of the main reasons she caved and bought tickets for her family. “I mean, I’m sure the game will be fun and all too, but you don’t get to see something like this from inside of a completely encapsulated building every day!”

Her husband, Nathan McMallen, 46, added, “We have two boys and I’m guessing when they see the performance happening on the other side of the roof it will inspire them to become pilots themselves.”

One man we met with, obviously suffering from early onset dementia, seemed a bit confused by the whole thing. “I’m sorry, what?” said, Jack Johnson, 28. “How does that even work? Are they going to be handing out special wall-penetration glasses or something?”

We tiptoed away from mentally unwell Johnson and moved on to someone able to explain exactly how this would work, the operations officer charged with planning the flyover, Lt. Col. Erik Garney.

“The trickiest part is getting the timing just right,” Garney said in regards to ensuring that fans can see the planes through the ceiling. “The first thing to remember is we’re going 400 mph. So we can’t just stop and hover.”
(real quotes)

Mikael Arnoldo, veteran football director, chimed in. “That flyover happens in about two seconds, so you better be on it because they’re not going to circle around the stadium and do it again for you.” (also a real quote)

In other words, look up fast inside the dome or you’ll miss the whole thing!

We aren’t worried about missing anything, though. With enough booze in us, Aviation Daily not only sees through walls, we stumble right through them.