Pilot Proposes After Pranking Girlfriend Into Thinking They Were Going Down, Gets Shoved to His Death

Similar douchebag who remarkably survived his stupidity.

Major douchebag pilot, Joe Schmoe, thought it would be hilarious and romantic to terrify his girlfriend into thinking her life was in imminent danger and then propose marriage to her seconds after. But, instead of an “I do” from his beloved, he got thrown out of the plane and died somewhere over Reno.

Aviation Daily caught up with the girlfriend who still looked pretty pissed.

“I just unlatched the door and pushed as hard as I could” she said. “It’s remarkably difficult to open a door mid-flight like that, but I just focused on how bad I wanted him dead in that moment and made it work.”

Apparently Schmoe had her convinced for several minutes that the engine had failed and they were going down. At some point, while she was sobbing and screaming in terror, he started laughing and pulled out the ring.

“Seriously, who does something like that?!”

We asked how she was able to land the plane given that she killed the pilot; she said it was a mixture of ATC assistance and spite.

“Because screw him, I’m not dying because of his stupid ass.”

We were able to obtain the audio clip from ATC. It was brief.

Girlfriend: Yeah, hi, I am at the controls of a plane but I’ve never flown before and I don’t really know what’s what or how to land or whatever.
ATC: Is the pilot unconscious?
GF: Probably, yeah, I threw his sorry motherf***ing ass out the f***ing plane!
ATC: I’m sorry, say again?
GF: Ya know what, nevermind… I’m just gonna put this plane down, ’cause f*** that guy.

According to the tower, Schmoe’s girlfriend amazingly greased the landing, but then when she exited the plane began smashing it up with everything she could find.

“She started with a tow bar, but by the end she was just whacking at it with her shoe,” said one of the controllers. “Eventually she gave it one final kick, spit on it and left.”

Despite her rage, she said she actually “enjoyed the whole landing thing” and intends to pawn the ring her late boyfriend gave her for flying lessons.

Local Police said no charges are pending because Schmoe’s death was justifiable homicide.