FAA Considers Bringing Back The BFR To Help Pilots Win Arguments

The FAA wants to help keyboard commanding pilots win the biennial flight review (BFR) argument when they fight on social media.

Sometime in 2013 the FAA created mass hysteria in the aviation community by eliminating the BFR; however, most pilots still argue they need a “biennial flight review” or even worse a “biannual flight review”.

Aviation Daily News did a sweeping review of all social media platforms and found that “BFR” is still in use today by most pilots. These same pilots also think it means biannual flight review, which is the same as a semiannual flight review. NEWSFLASH: neither of those ever existed.

The updated regulation 14 CFR 61.56 Flight Review simply states that if you want to act as pilot in command (PIC) you must have had a flight review or suitable substitute within the prior 24 months.

As pilots ourselves we go to great lengths to legally avoid flight reviews here at Aviation Daily News. We constantly add new ratings to our pilot qualifications and participate in the FAA WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program.

The FAA is also considering bringing back the “pilot license” to replace the “pilot certificate”. Aviation Daily News is keeping in close contact with the FAA to report that story when it breaks.



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