Plane Abandoned 20 yrs Ago Spends Days Praying for Meteor Strike

Real photo taken by one of our writers of a plane that sits abandoned at Sea Ranch Airport

Sea Ranch Airport, CA – Abandoned by its owner 20 years ago, lonely, single engine Cessna 172 – no longer bothering to think back on its glory days of proudly soaring through the sky because it just hurts too much – now spends every second of its existence praying a meteor strike will take it out of its misery.

Aviation Daily reached out to the plane’s owner, Michael Powers, 82, to get the full story and see if he would consider selling it to us to restore. Unfortunately Powers refused to take our call, having his grandson, Jason Powers, 34, answer instead.

Jason, who is not a pilot and has no desire to ever become one, claims that his grandfather has every intention of fixing the plane back up one day.

“It’s not for sale,” he said, before hanging up on us.

According to our research, thousands of formerly loved planes are cruelly abandoned every year by their owners and left to rot until the end of time. Aviation Daily wishes people would stop being so shitty and just sell them.

another view of the plane above

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