Four Reasons Male Pilots Should Wear Diapers

Inside Every Spacesuit is a Diaper Wearing Hero!

Take a lesson from astronauts and U2 pilots on long flights; wear your diaper!

1.Safety – You simply can’t be a safe pilot if you are distracted from flying by that full feeling in your groin accompanied by a desperate need to pinch your pecker. Just let it go; whiz into a pair of absorbent throway man-panties and stay focused.

2. Cleanliness – Ever try to whip out your tinkle spout enroute and aim the stream into the tiny neck of a water bottle? Try that in your parked car first then try it while driving down the highway. It’s not going to work in a plane either and once you start it’s impossible to stop. No need to share that beer you just had at the $100 hamburger cafe with all your passengers at 5500 feet.

3. Modesty – Pilots like everyone to think they are superior in every way. Do you really want the truth to be known, or worse shared on social media? You know the moment you free Willy someone will whip out their cell phone.

4. Convenience – Those portable pilot urinals only cost around $10 and are reusable; however, not every pilot wants to strut into the FBO sporting a sloshing porta-pisser, do they?

The Famous Portajohn

Are you really going to carry that thing around in your flight bag all the time especially if its been used? Who is going to wash it after each use? Will it ever really be clean? Act like an adult; make a B line for the pilot’s lounge and peel that diaper off in private where no one will ever know.

If you want to be as cool as the coolest pilots and bravest astronauts serving our country…wet your throw away man panties like a true hero!