Online Mob Forms after Extremely Qualified Woman Only Hired at Airline Because of Vagina

United States of America Online – Around the country Wednesday, an angry mob of pilots took to the internet to express their absolute disgust and outrage that extremely intelligent, accomplished woman, Jenna Smith – retired USAF with over 7,000 hours as a fighter pilot and a graduate degree in Aviation and Aerospace Management from Purdue University, beat out, in their opinion, equally qualified male counterparts for the position.

“I wish I had a vagina so I could just walk right in and take jobs I don’t deserve,” said Facebook user, Richard Wales.

“Tight shirt and yoga pants,” replied Amelio Suarez. “Guarantee that’s what got her hired!”

In a call with Aviation Daily, Smith, who was busy wrapping up writing her third book on aeronautical engineering, said, “My top competitors were a kid named Tyler – a graduate of Toledo Community College with precisely the number of hours required to qualify for the position, and a homeless guy with an airplane tattoo.

“He said his tattoo was more qualified than I was,” Smith said. “All while staring at my breasts.”

She noted that despite online backlash, her coworkers – 98% male, have been treating her with respect.

“The only time I really have problems is when I’m trying to get things set up in the cockpit and some jerk from coach comes up asking me what I had “to do” to get this job. It’s usually followed by either a perverted wink or they just look disgusted to see a woman up here.”

In a thread called “Airline Bias” on web forum Pilots of America, user mcsard69 said, “Mark my words, she’ll be knocked up and on maternity leave in a month.”

“I’m 47,” Smith said. “My youngest just started her freshman year at Yale. She wants to be a nuclear physicist.”

Aviation Daily caught up with Tyler for his side of the story. “Bro, I just wanted that job so I could get pussy, but instead pussy got my job.”