AOPA to Award One Lucky Bastard a Million Dollar Flight Training Scholarship

Not at all taking into consideration that it would have been better to spread this kind of money around to multiple people in case the winner pusses out during their Discovery Flight, AOPA announced Tuesday that it will be awarding over $1 million dollars in flight training funds to one very lucky person.

Assuming we will again be accused of publishing “fake news,” Aviation Daily – whose writers can’t be named due to pending lawsuits – offers proof via email received last night from the AOPA Scholarship Program.

If interested, lottery tickets for the award may be purchased at any local gas station or liquor store.

Winning numbers will be drawn May 10th at the AOPA Fly-In in Tullahoma, TN.

*Please note, the scholarship is not open to Embry-Riddle weenies. Or Dave. Fuck you, Dave.*