“Mile High Club” Survey Reveals 30% Of Sex On Planes Is With One Person

A “Mile High Club” survey of over 11,000 dating website users has revealed that 30% of hookups that take place in the air is not with strangers, partners, friends or even the crew. These hookups are with a person named Rosy Palm who apparently is quite the jetsetter.

What percentage of people have joined the Mile High Club with Rosy? In reality, only 5% of people surveyed have had sex on a plane with Rosy but according to data, 78% would like to. Just under a fifth (17%) said they wouldn’t be interested at all.

Why do people do it? Free alcohol is a likely aphrodisiac, lowering inhibitions and impairing judgement, but boredom, the vibrations from aircraft engines and fantasy fulfillment may also play a part.