EAA AirVenture 2020 Will Be Cancelled Due To Pandemic Says Las Vegas Oddsmaker

Las Vegas, NV – “The smart money is on AirVenture being cancelled,” said Sam “Ace” Rothstein, Las Vegas oddsmaker and revered gambling genius.

Famous oddsmaker Sam “Ace” Rothstein on the casino floor…before they were shutdown

Working from his home office like everyone else in this time of crisis, Rothstein said, “The smart money is not planning a trip to Osh Kosh in 2020 and there is no over/under on this bet, it’s 95 to 1 this thing will actually happen. That’s as close to a sure thing as buying toilet paper futures right now like every other mom and pop chooch on main street.”

Rothstein in his home office speaking on the phone to Aviation Daily News

We reached out to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for comment and were referred to the March 26, 2020 update on their website that states, ” Today we are still planning on having the event beginning July 20, 2020… Currently our timetable for our next major decision point is not until May” CLICK HERE to read full text of the EAA Update

Mr. Rothstein has made himself available via telephone to update this story if the odds change; however, he is confident AirVenture 2020 is a no-go.