Airbus Just Buying Up All Major Aviation Apps

Flappy Plane.

These two are at it again. The rivalry between Airbus and Boeing has gone even further. The day after announcing the Boeing was buying Foreflight, Airbus began snatching up multiple apps from companies that developed them including Wing X, Avare, Garmin Flight, and Angry birds.

After a recent event in which Boeing announced it would retire its entire fleet upon hearing the Airbus announcement that they were retiring the 380, Boeing’s next bold move was to buy Foreflight.

Airbus put out a press release stating “Oh yeah? Watch this!” Now all of the other flying apps including Flappy Bird, Angry Birds and several other bird related apps have been bought by the airline.

Boeing’s next move was to ground all of the 737 Max 8’s in its fleet after a devastating crash in Ethopia.

Not to be outdone, Airbus grounded all of its remaining aircraft after a lavatory got clogged up on one of its 330s.

We don’t know how far this will go but we at ADN have started frantically writing mobile apps in order to rake in profits form a sale to one of these airline giants.

Look for our new line of apps in the app store: “Fly bird”, “GPS flyer”, “Bird Bird Fly”, “Pilot Fly Bird”, “Buy this app Boeing”, and “Buy this app Airbus”.

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