Countdown To Ethics Investigation Starts As Former Delta Executive Steve Dickson Named to Head FAA

Steve Dickson, seen smirking after beating President Trump’s pilot for new job

Back in January Aviation Daily News (ADN) reported that the acting FAA administrator, Dan Elwell, was a really good guy in this story “FAA Administrator Daniel K. Elwell Not Under Investigation, Not Accused Of Wrongdoing, Well Qualified for His Role” All good things must come to an end as a new controversial administrator has been named by President Trump.

According to a source inside the White House who spoke to ADN on the condition of anonymity, “Up to now the FAA has been the only government agency under Trump not being investigated. Yeah, the Boeing 737 Max 8 thing is happening now but that’s not enough to keep the president happy.”

In a related development the office of the Inspector General has announced a new process to open ethics investigations against Trump appointees with templated applications that streamline the workflow.