New Squawk Code Issued for Magenta Line Failures

A respectful amount of magenta lines, but not nearly enough.

There you are buzzing happily along, following the magenta line with absolute precision, when the worst thing that could possibly happen to a modern day pilot occurs in the cockpit – iPad failure! Panic rightfully ensues as you scramble to figure out the cause of this failure. Is the battery dead? Did it overheat? Did you just click something weird because it looked like boobs and somehow caused it to shut down by accident?

Well, as of Monday, February 25, 2019, Children of the Magenta Line no longer have to worry. A new, easy-to-remember squawk code, 4723 (IPAD), has been issued to quickly alert ATC that you are completely unqualified to fly a plane without technological assistance and glowing screens to guide you.

According to the FAA press release on Monday: “Kids today just kind of turn the yoke here and there trying to chase a line. When that line disappears, they disappear. We hope this new code will prevent further incidents.”

Children of the Magenta Line are being instructed not to save the new code as a document on their tablets, but, instead, to keep it written down on something called “paper.” Just google it. You can probably find some in your parents’ attic.

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